Frequently Asked Questions

North County Business Networking is a diverse and energetic networking group that meets one purpose — to give and receive qualified business referrals.

What makes North County Business Networking different than any other referrals group?
To put it simply, North County Business Networking is the original Carlsbad business networking group. The organization set the standard 20 years ago to embrace both businesswomen and businessmen. North County Business Networking sticks to a format, requires members to be committed, expects excellence and rejects mediocrity. We’re snappy, successful and honored by the incredibly talented and professional membership who are the true spirit of North County Business Networking.

What can I expect North County Business Networking to do for me?
You can expect North County Business Networking to provide the structure and the guidance of the North County Business Networking program. You can expect all the necessary materials to run a chapter to be provided without charge. You can expect comraderie, new member lunches and an overall sense of belonging to a dedicated, professional group.

Your Board Members and Committee Chairs will facilitate your membership in every way possible. You can expect your category to be protected. And, you can expect Board Members and Committe Chairs to assist you when necessary.

What does North County Business Networking expect of me?
North County Business Networking expects you to attend meetings because you can’t build relationships if you aren’t in attendance. North County Business Networking expects you to pass, on average, one qualified lead every week. North County Business Networking expects you to be ethical, professional and experienced in your line of work. North County Business Networking expects you to help all your members to be successful and they are expected to do the same for you.

How many meetings do I attend before I can join?
Each guest is required to attend two consecutive breakfast meetings before an application can be accepted. An inspection of an applicant’s place of business is a requirement of acceptance.

Who is a qualified guest?
A qualified North County Business Networking guest is a person whose business is not already represented in the chapter, and if permitted to join, would not be in conflict with any of the chapter’s members. Guests are invited for two meetings, and they must decide about joining at the second meeting.

What is a bonafide business referral?
A bonafide business lead or referral is a company or person who is interested in a specific service or product and will happily accept or respond to a call or email from a North County Business Networking member.

How many referrals do I have to give?
Many North County Business Networking members give more than one tip a week. The real question is: How much business do you really want? You will be rewarded according to your ability to help others. The more you give referrals, the more referrals you will receive.

What is a “Featured Business?”
Each week a business card from the featured speaker of the previous week is placed under someone’s chair or plate. The person, if a member, is required during members’ end of meeting introductions to give a serious business promotion as if they were in that profession. We do this to reinforce the importance of the speakers, and to keep each members’ attention focused on the meeting. (If the card is at a guest’s seat, then it is passed to the right until it reaches a member). This is done when the lead or referrral bucket is being passed around at the closing of the meeting.

How long should my commercial be?
At each meeting every member receives 30 seconds to pass referrals, pay fines, and present their business introduction and overview. Begin by informing fellow members – “This is the way you can best give me a lead”. Make it count!

When do I get to introduce myself and my business to the group?
The chapter’s Program Chairperson sets a schedule so everyone has an opportunity as they join the group. During the first week, you have an opportunity to act as Welcome Person; during the second week, you are called upon to provide a Business Overview; and during the third week you give a Business Overview Presentation.

What is required when introducing a Business Overview Presentation?
Business Overview Presentations allow each member to properly explain their business’ service and needs to fellow members. Each week, the individual responsible for an Overview Presentation arrives and sets up their company’s display of products or services by 7:00 am. Making a geniune effort to display your business professionally has an enormous impact on the amount of referrals you receive from fellow members.

What is “Fiver Day”?
This occurs weekly, and its purpose is to provide additional incentive for members to introduce qualified guests to the chapter. Members who have not introduced a guest to the group in the last month pay $5 into the lead bucket.

What is a “New Member Lunch”?
Periodically, several existing North County Business Networking members will schedule a date to treat the newest members to fellow members’ businesses, at a special lunch.

Are you a prospective North County Business Networking member, ready for great networking opportunities? Join us for breakfast!